Artist Statement

carla resnick_

When I look at pictures of big cities I think: Where are the trees?

If I find myself lamenting, I get to the work table or sketchbook—real quick—and change the internal dialogue.

Making marks changes my focus. What else is going on? I don’t know. Or rather, I know, but care to better spend my time figuring out what to do next on this painting.

I am trying to find joy in the things that are right here. Remember the regrets, but not too much. Brushes, pencils, paints scattered on the table. Looks good.


Born in Vancouver, Canada, I’ve been living in California since 1997.

My artistic focus is working in collage and acrylic on paper. Exploring color, texture, and composition while mulling current events.

I also run a small design studio, creating necessary materials for facilitating the ordinary course of business.

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