Quilts and Textiles

I recently took a spring semester of Fiber Arts at the local 2 year college. I made some small quilts in the class. Since the class ended in May, I have been experimenting with textiles and quilting.

I have been viewing interviews with modern quilters and enjoy learning about their processes and approaches to quilting.

Below are a few of the quilts and other textiles I have been making.

Quilt made of dress shirts 36” x 64”
Back of the quilt. I free motion quilted orange flowers. The back fabric is an old sheet.
This is the Nest boxes quilt. each block is different. They are pieced with some block printed fabric that I made, as well as vegetal dyed fabric. 78” x 84”
This quilt is hand quilted. Piecing is vegetal dyed fabric, and some block printed fabric I made. A little bit of black cotton. 45” x 54”

The next pieces are tiny quilts about 5” x 5”

These pieces are completely hand sewn, little quilt collages. Inspired by the quilter Amanda Nadig’s instagram posts for her quilt on the go class.

This is 6” x 9”

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